“Visions Of The Heart” Kelli Pyle Featuring Marc Bouwer

“Visions Of The Heart” was the joint vision of Kelli and her team to create a photo shoot in motion.

“I wanted to create a shoot around Marc Bouwer’s beautiful pieces, but not just a photo, something that came alive,” Kelli says.

Photographer/Videographer Dakota Wheeler helped in bringing the idea of this shoot to life by creatively directing and capturing the beautiful moments you will see in Kelli’s video. MusicManTy and Kelli created a whimsical song especially for this shoot featured in the video.
“I named the song and the shoot “Vision Of The Heart” because everyone who worked on set had their own vision, passion and love for something in the arts. Marc Bouwer with his beautiful dresses, my love for my music, MusicMan Ty’s incredible musical talent, Dakota Wheeler’s creativity behind the camera. I hope it inspires others to find what their own “Vision of the Heart” is and embrace it and embark on the adventure of sharing their creativity with themselves and others.” Kelli Pyle